Chávez: Indestructible Loyalty to the People

With the election of Chavez in 1998 and his subsequent inauguration in 1999, a new process and a beacon of hope was born and ignited in Venezuela

On this 10th anniversary of the entrance of Commander Hugo Chavez into immortality, I want to highlight the legacy of Chávez and the impact that he has had on millions of people across borders, faiths, and flags. For far too many people; the 21st century seemed doomed to be filled with more despair, death, destruction, war, poverty, hunger, and democratic dissatisfaction.

However, with the election of Chávez in 1998 and his subsequent inauguration in 1999, a new process and a beacon of hope was born and ignited in Venezuela. This revolutionary flame has not, and will not, be extinguished as it has and continues to be a source of continuing inspiration for the worlds people. This beautiful process of liberation began in Venezuela, but it soon spread to Brazil, and Argentina, and Bolivia, and on and on people across Latin America began to take the lead themselves and began to stand up to neoliberalism and capitalism, as well as demand respect on the geopolitical stage. I grew up Catholic, but lost much of my faith as the years went on… but when I began studying Chavismo, and learning about the Bolivarian Revolution as well as the processes of liberation that Chávez inspired across the region, my faith was reignited. I truly believe that God is on the side of the dispossessed, the poor, the hungry, and the exploited; leaders like Chávez are sent by God to lead the people against their despotic and oligarchic exploiters. Chávez even cared more for the people of the United States than our own government did; while the US government was bailing out banks and pumping trillions of dollars into a diseased and predatory financial system that was throwing people out onto the streets, Chávez and his Bolivarian government was providing free or low cost heating oil to working families in the US.

Chávez has always represented the “threat” of a good example; the ruling classes across Europe and in the United States alike tremble at the thought of their own peoples demanding a leader like Chávez. They tremble at the thought of a leader like Chávez emerging in the US or Europe who educates people about their own oppression and leads the people to recognition of their social, economic, and political rights with true democracy. The enduring legacy of Chávez can be seen, felt, and heard in Venezuela; where even despite the onslaught of sabotage, sanctions, economic war, electrical sabotage, and so much more, the people continue to support and fight on behalf of the PSUV, their President Maduro, and the legacy of Chávez.

Chávez’ writings, thoughts, and speeches on all topics continue to be my most primary point of reference. In this, I am not alone, millions of people across the world hold Chávez, Chavismo, Venezuela, and their continuing Bolivarian process close and deep in their hearts and minds. This will never change.

Dakotah Lilly, economista y especialista en Ciencias Políticas.

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